Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jodi's Jovial Jargin

We just got back from our IEP. It went really well. There were only 9 of us this time which was so much nicer then the last time when there were 17 people then just little old me. Mark came for part of todays too. That was nice. I could like IEP’s if they all went as well as today. I asked about the issue of sticking the tube in so he could throw up if he needed through the tube. They said that yes the nurse had done the training and all was well. So I was VERY excited about that.

They looked at realistic goals for him. (Sometimes it is not as much as I would like because I sometimes expect too much from all of us) and they have to bring me back down to life sometimes. LOL So I am talking to the aid after and she said something about the button and I said…. So when you stick the tube in to have him throw up then… She said We don’t stick a tube in we just open the cap. OK for those of you that don’t know there is a little plastic cap that goes on the button. It is just a flap that you push into the button. I said that is not how he throws up. You have to put a tube in. By that time the nurse had come back into have another 1 hour meeting with me with just the medical stuff. So we went at it again. I think she and I clash just a bit. But I think I learned a little bit more why later. One I get to defensive too fast! I said let me go get a unused button and we can go over just how simple this is.

I came back. I breathed out to the car in slowly out slowly. LOL So I calmed myself down. I think part of what made me so mad was we had starting fighting for this from the very beginning of the year and we are still dealing with this. Also that Jake’s doctor had called her and then called me after and said she is fine with the whole process. So it took me a bit off guard.

So then I think I learned the last part of what was going on. I dropped the button and tube off and then I had to go get Brendon from class cause school was out and wanted him to know where I was at. When I came back she said how much air do I push in the balloon. Ok Christine get back up off the floor. LOL You do not put air in the balloon. You put water. So she and I had a little teaching session and I showed her so now she is like oh that would be simple to do.

It made me think about stuff. She and I were really butting heads… bad. The beginning of the year we had a very bad problem with this. Me being the biggest problem I think LOL I think that we forget that we had to be taught everything with our kids. This nurse obviously was not up to date on some medical stuff. She didn’t know what the vest was for CF either. But you know they are all not going to know things. We need to be more patient when dealing with the staff that is working with our kids. If they don’t want to do something for us it might just be we need to teach them. They may just not know how to do things so they are scared a bit. So by the time I left I think things were fine and I learned a lot. I am so grateful for all the people that are trying to work with Jake. He LOVES school. He is the bestest aid ever. I am so happy with her and it looks like she will work part time with him next year. I am so excited about that.

Any way that is my day of IEP.